Drama Club

Drama club takes place each lunch time with Mrs Ruth. The activities children take part in develop various skills such as working with others. 

You can enhance ideas that you have, by acting them out, using role-play in drama. This is a good way to develop your ideas for story writing.

Puppets can be used to act out a story. You can create your own personality for a puppet and learn how to use them correctly. Using your thumb to move the bottom part of a puppet’s mouth makes the puppet appear more realistic. This is not easy to do, but becomes easier with practice.

Drama can increase your confidence, by working in a group and exploring a wide range of activities.

If you need help performing, Drama can give you lots of ideas and you can have fun dressing up as different characters and acting.

Drama can actually help you with your punctuation. For example an exclamation mark can be used in various ways to add impact. It can be used when you are surprised, when someone is shouting, when you are shocked, scared, excited or giving a command, and many other ways. (Here are some examples)


Stop, go back there’s a flood!


Good grief he’s not wearing any shoes and it’s snowing outside!


Oh No, my house is on fire!


I don’t believe it we’re moving again!


Help, I’m drowning!


You can learn to project your voice in Drama. This is helpful when you are acting on stage, exclaiming something, and in everyday life.


Here is an example of an activity we might take part in, in Drama club.