Hudson Street, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 2HS


Accrington Woodnook Primary School

Friendship. Aspire. Independence. Respect.
Together we are FAIR in all that we do.

Together we are FAIR in all that we do. 

The Woodnook Vision and Values

The Woodnook vision is:

'Together we are FAIR in all that we do.' 

Fair represents four of our five values which are togetherness, friendship, aspire, independence and respect. 

These values have been developed by the community of Woodnook school. 

The Woodnook Learning Powers


What is Building Learning Power?

Did you know that we can continually develop our capacity to learn in new and challenging circumstances throughout our life?

Professor Guy Claxton suggests that there are four key learning dispositions to help us become successful life-long learners. These are the 4 R’s:


These dispositions can be developed regardless of age or ability and we are encouraging the children to develop as learners every day. These have been introduced as groups of learning muscles and with the right kind of exercises they can be nurtured and trained like any other muscle. Developing these dispositions and their individual capacities will help the children become well-rounded and adaptable learners.


Meet our Learning Heroes and their powers to find out how they help us become successful learners.