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'Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow'

PPA is covered by Miss. Eaton who will teach the children PE and Computing


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What We Are Learning

Please see the Curriculum Overview to see what we are covering during the year. The weekly newsletter will keep you informed about what the children have been learning.

There is a document online that has been created for parents that shows how your child will develop in different areas.  Please follow the link to download a copy. http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/2015/03/what-to-expect-when-a-parents-guide/

Autumn Term

During this term the children are settled in to new routines and made friends. We learnt about ourselves in our theme ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. We looked carefully at the similarities and differences between ourselves and each other. We explored using our senses and learn about keeping ourselves healthy. Gill came to talk us about looking after our bodies and keeping healthy. We enjoyed our visit to Runamok where we were very active! We had lots of fun at our Messy Play Morning with the parents and carers of our children.


In our theme ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ we learnt about light and colour. We learnt about things that give us light and explored shadows. We had fun exploring colours and colour mixing.

We learnt about the Nativity story and enjoyed being involved in our Christmas play.

Here are some of the comments made by the parents and carers of our children at the end of this term:

"I think she is working really hard. She settled really well."


"She has developed a keen interest in writing and reading since she has been at Woodnook Primary School."

"S is doing really good at school, learning new words and numbers every day."

"D enjoys school, has made lots of new friends and settled in well. She is also doing very well and enjoys learning lots of new things."

"I think L has settled in really well and has come on very quickly. She loves all the activities that the school offers, her spelling and reading are very well done now."

"I feel A has learnt a lot since September. He is now capable of reading and writing."

Spring Term

We started with the theme ‘Amazing World’ where we thought about where we live and then learnt about other parts of the world including the Arctic. We had fun exploring snow and investigating what happened when we brought some into our classroom.

We learnt about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.  We wrote about Chinese dragons and made a display of a dragon and of our writing.      

We learnt the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’, using a story map and actions to help us.


In our theme ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop!’ we explored changes by making popcorn, pancakes, toast and gingerbread men. We learnt the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’, using a story map and actions to help us. This helped us to write our own stories which we published on Pobble.

We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite book characters during ‘World Book Day’ and wearing red on Red Nose Day so that we could raise money for charity. As scientists on Science Day we tried to be like Explorosurus as we learnt about colour and ice. We had lots of fun making our own rainbow toast. We made a display in the main hall to show everyone what we did.


Here are some of the comments made by the parents and carers of our children at the end of the Spring term:

"L has loved Little Acorns and has learnt lots of things."


"S has settled really well. Enjoys coming to school and loves to learn new things."

"A enjoys playing at school. This year he has learnt how to spell his name and how to count."

"L is loving school and has settled in great. We get to come to school and play with her and see how she is."

"D enjoys school, has made lots of new friends and settled in well. She is also doing very well and enjoys learning lots of new things."

"This really good school. We happy with school."

Summer Term

We started with the theme ‘Nature Detectives!’’ where we learnt about plants and how they grow. We enjoyed going on a visit to Oakhill Park together where we saw bluebells and other plants such as flowers and trees. We learnt the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’ using our own story maps and actions. We continued to develop our reading, writing and maths skills as we enjoyed working and learning together. The children had lots of fun practising their dance for the ‘Woodnook Dance off’. They devised their own moves to the song Better When I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor.

Key Person

At Woodnook Primary School, the Key Person has special responsibilities for a small number of children, giving them the reassurance to feel safe and cared for. This is important because when children feel happy and secure they are confident to explore and to try out new things.


Learning Outside

The children in Little Acorns love to learn outside. It can be lots of fun exploring the different kinds of weather.  The children need to come to school dressed appropriately.  Please send a pair of named wellies to keep in school in case of rainy days!


Milk and Snacks

All children are entitled to free school milk until their fifth birthday. After this, if you would like your child to receive milk at snack time, you will need to either fill in  a Free School Meals form or see Mrs. Rushton in the office to pay for it.

We encourage our children to make healthy choices. The children will choose a variety of snacks e.g. tomatoes, apples, tangerines, bananas, carrots. The children can also access water from the water fountain.

Our Day

The doors open for the children in Little Acorns at 8.45am.  The school day ends at 3.30pm. Please wait in the Outside Zone until a member of staff opens the Holly Zone door. Your child will not leave the classroom until we see you. Please be patient with us as we try to match you up, especially at the beginning of term. Remember to let us know if anyone else is collecting your child and supply us with a password if necessary.

PE will be taught on Thursday afternoons. PE kits should be kept in school and we will send them home termly for washing.


If your child needs prescribed medicine during the school day please go to the office.

Inhalers must be kept in school and labelled with your child's name.  A form must be completed in order for staff to administer medicine or inhalers.



Book bags
Book bags need to be in school every day. They can be bought at the school office.  Please make sure your child’s home reader goes to and from school every day in the book bag.

All children have a book bag that they bring to school each day.


Learning Dinosaurs

We have three dinosaur friends in Little Acorns. Their names are Tryosaurus, Explorasaurus and Thinkosaurus and they show us how to be good learners. They link to the Characteristics of Effective Learning which help us to focus on and understand how our children learn. We hope that they will encourage our children to become effective and motivated learners and give them language to be able to explain the skills that they are using whilst learning.

Thinkosaurus has his own ideas, finds ways to solve problems, make predictions, sees if he was right and thinks carefully about what he has learnt.

Tryosaurus tries his best and does not give up.  He concentrates hard on activities and keeps on trying even when something is really difficult.

Explorosaurus likes to find out about things and uses all her senses to do so.  She is good at pretending with things and people and asks questions to find things out.  She has a can-do attitude to her learning.