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Parent Events

In Little Acorns we enjoy inviting the parents and carers of our children into special events.


On the 23rd September we had a Messy Play Morning. Lots of parents, grandparents and carers came. There were lots of fun activities outside which we all enjoyed exploring.

Here are some of the parents and carers said:

"A very exciting and fun morning to spend with your child at school. There were many messy activities for everyone to enjoy – Thank you."

"Fun and exciting. Really enjoyed working as a team with my child."

"Fantastic fun."

"It’s been really messy."

"I really enjoyed the messy play and spending time with my child."

On Monday 19th December the parents and carers of our children enjoyed our Christmas Craft morning. We had lots of fun together. We made party hats for our Christmas party, robins, crackers with treats inside as well as decorating Christmas stockings and trees.

Here are some of the comments from the parents and carers who attended:

"We had an amazing time. Very fun and enjoyable. Was great to spent time with D having fun."

"L enjoyed making the Xmas party hat. It is a good way of getting involved."

"I really enjoyed all the activities that were set out by the teachers. A fantastic experience for parents to get involved with their children."

"S and daddy enjoyed all the activities. S was well excited."

"Wonderful experience, both I and A was able to spot letters and write them down , helped solve puzzle."

On Friday 3rd February it was Maths Day at Woodnook. The children came to school wearing something with a number on it and donated money to the NSPCC. The children took part in lots of fun Maths activities.  The parents and carers of our children enjoyed sharing in the learning too! Everyone listened to a maths story and the children sang some number songs.

Here are some of the comments from the parents and carers who attended:

"L loved all the activities today. Her favourite was the counting of the bubbles."

"Great day."

"My child has enjoyed finding numbers and counting."

"Me and my child are enjoying Maths Day!"

"S had lots of fun, enjoying all the activities."

"Today has been fun and exciting."

On Wednesday 29th March the children in Little Acorns did their class assembly which showed parents, carers, children and teachers what they had been learning in our topic ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop!’. The parents and carers of our children came back into class and enjoyed lots of fun activities based on the story of the gingerbread man.

Here are some of the comments from the parents and carers who attended:

"Fantastic assembly the children done brilliantly. Lovely activities to do after. Great to see what the children are learning."

"S and daddy had lots of fun, enjoyed different activities."

"L has loved school since starting in September. We also had lots of fun today! :-)"

"This is a very good creative day. The children really enjoyed it."

"I have enjoyed coming and doing different gingerbread activities with M. I found the teachers very helpful. I was pleased with M speaking her lines out loud."

"Today I am very happy."