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Accrington Woodnook Primary School


Computing at Woodnook

Computing at Woodnook School provides essential, up to date skills to navigate the world of Information Technology, Digital Literacy and Computer Science.  Online Safety underpins all of our teaching and learning.

In EYFS, Computing supports learning and is explored by children through the world that we live in.  In Years 1-6, we follow the National Curriculum for Computing and we aim for all children to meet the standards as out-lined for each stage. 

In EYFS, children explore technology within the setting using a wide range of devices in preparation for the transition to Key Stage 1.  In Years 1-6, Computing is a subject that not only stands alone, but is also woven into the broader curriculum and is an integral part of all learning.  Discrete lessons take place weekly and children also have access to a wide range of technological devices during other lessons.  This ensures that children can use devices for a range of purposes and that skills are applied and embedded across the wider curriculum.  They will be equipped, not only with the skills and knowledge to use technology effectively and for their own benefit, but crucially – safely. Online safety is taught to all children as part of the Computing curriculum and also across the curriculum as children increasingly use this technology in and out of school.  Teacher’s follow the school’s Computing policy to ensure consistency throughout the school.

Computational vocabulary is at the heart of Computing at Woodnook.  It will be taught, discussed, displayed, rehearsed throughout each unit within class so that it can be used by children independently and with understanding at an age appropriate level.  Open-ended questioning is used effectively to enhance learning.

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