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Accrington Woodnook Primary School

Pupil Voice

Read the comments below to find out what our children think about different areas of school life.

Feeling Safe in School

100% of children who were interviewed say they feel safe in school.

"If I had a problem, I would talk to my friends and teachers."  (Year 1)

"All of the teachers in school are kind." (Year 1)

" I enjoy dinner times because they are fun and the dinner teachers keep us safe." (Year 2)

" There are lots of adults in school who help to keep me safe." (Year 3)

" I have learnt in computing how to stay safe online." (Year 4)

" There are lots of people to talk to in school in I have a problem.  The head boy and head girl are kind and helpful." (Year 4)

Special Events

   "We loved the costumes, dressing up and the fun/different timetables activities for NSPCC Rockstar Day." (School Council)

Design and Technology

“I enjoyed making a castle…with Lego bricks.” – Reception

“I loved the making.”  - Year One

"We got to design how we wanted it and we could use the ingredients we wanted too. We made healthy choices." - Year Three

“I’m most proud of my design for this (buzzer game) because we can play with it a lot and it will be a lot of fun.” - Year Four

"We learned about annotated diagrams and mechanisms.” – Year Five

“We had to ask (Year Four) which food would they prefer and then we will cook it for them.” - Year Six



"A scientist is a person who makes things and tests them to make sure they are good! If they aren't, they throw them away and start again!! (Year One)

"I liked when we had to design an umbrella for a teddy and a way to stop an egg from breaking when we dropped it!" (Year One)

"I like how in the end of unit assessments we can show what we've learnt!" (Year Three)

"I learnt that an octopus has a hydrostatic skeleton!" (Year Three)

"We made casein plastic using milk and vinegar.  It stunk!  People used it after World War Two to make things like combs!" (Year Five)

"I didn't know about metamorphosis until we did this unit! (Year Five)


Sublime Science Visit June 2023

"My favourite part was the slime because it was fun and I enjoyed getting my hands sticky!" (Year One)

"My favourite part was the skittles because they were making a rainbow!" (Year One)

"I liked the electricity and they smoke because I learnt new things!" (Year Six)

"It was really good - I liked the explosion part.  I want to do it again!  It was 10/10!" (Year Six)

"I thought that it was amazing, especially the smoke bubbles and the hair spray with the lighter!" (Year Six)

"I learnt that electricity can jump out of objects and humans really quickly!" (Year Six)

"My favourite part was the fire, because it shot out like a bullet!" (Year Six)



 "I enjoy our PSHE lessons as we learn about relationships and the importance of physical health and mental wellbeing." (Year Four)

"I enjoy PSHE as it teaches me things I will need to know in the future, like growing and changing, paying taxes etc." (Year Six)

"I learnt about what to do if I know something is wrong and to tell a trusted adult if you are in trouble." (Year Six)

"I learnt that it's important to be different and unique; that family and friends support each other." (Year Four)

"I feel comfortable sharing my views and opinions. PSHE makes me feel calm and comfortable to talk about how I'm feeling." (Year Five)

"The best thing about PSHE is that you learn new things, like what to do when you're worried." (Year Three)

"The best thing is that we make links with other subjects: we did deforestation of rainforests in English, which lead to increased UV rays and then in PSHE, we learnt how to stay safe in the sun." (Year Five)



"I love going on the Computer!". (EYFS)

"If I am stuck or worried, I tell a grown up". (Year 1)

"I would tell a trusted adult if I am worried about something I've seen online." (Year 5)

"I really like learning to code!" (Year 5)

"I know how to press buttons to make the Beebot move." (EYFS)


Extra Curricular events

"The Escape rooms activity was so cool! I thought it was brilliant that we got to meet so many different people our age from different schools." (Year Six)

"I liked the theatre visit because I made a new friend who likes gymnastics just like me." (Year Three)

"We got to wear a performance vest that gave us stats about so many things we didn't know we needed to learn about to play good football." (Year Five)

"Wearing the stats vest was so much fun, it tracks different things even what foot we find it best to balance on!" (Year Six)

"I like making different animals out of the 7 shapes. I make a cat." (Year One)

"I liked playing outside at the other school because I made a new friend." (Year Two)

"It was hard but the French songs were fun to sing." (Year Five)

"We had to build a house for the 3 pigs to make it secure and not blow down. I liked it so much because I made it with a new friend from a different school." (Year four)





"I enjoy music because I love to sing and play instruments." - Aminah Year 2

"When we perform we have to be brave. Some children play glockenspiels, some children sing and it feels exciting to be on the stage!" - Fuchsia Year 4

"I love that in music I can sing and not be judged." - Kyrie Year 6


"I enjoyed painting carefully." - Abdulmalik Year 1

"Nicola Hicks makes sculptures of animals and birds. I feel that the animals look injured!" - Haider Year 2

"I really enjoy looking at different artists and trying to draw in their style." - Abbas Year 5

"Sarah Biffin was a very talented artist because she had to paint with no arms and use her mouth instead!" - Tilly Year 5

"Paul Nash was a war artist who painted during the war. He helped people to picture what happened in the war." - Aleena Year 6