Hudson Street, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 2HS


Accrington Woodnook Primary School

Geography at Woodnook

The aim of our Geography Curriculum at Woodnook Primary School is to inspire, in pupils, a curiosity and fascination about the natural world and its people, and for our pupils to enjoy developing geographical skills and knowledge through well planned lessons and activities. We aim to develop knowledge of places and environments throughout the world, an understanding of maps and a range of investigative and problem-solving skills will be applied both inside and outside the classroom. Geography will provide a focus within the curriculum for understanding and resolving the issues concerning the environment and sustainable development.  Geography at Woodnook will allow pupils to encounter different societies and cultures leading them to realise how nations rely on each other. It will encourage pupils to think about their own place in the world, their values, and their rights and responsibilities to other people and the environment. Our Geography Curriculum aims to help pupils build an informed and balanced view of the world and their place in it. We aim to provide a curriculum that meets statutory requirements and that reflects our pupils’s heritage as well as British Values.

We follow the Early Years Statutory Framework (2021) where Geography is found in the specific area ‘Understanding the World’ within the ELG ‘People, Culture and Communities’. Pupils in Years 1-6 follow the National Curriculum (2014) for Geography. Lancashire KLIPs are used to support planning and assessment in these year groups.