Hudson Street, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 2HS


Accrington Woodnook Primary School


Mrs. C MacMahon



Designated Safeguarding Lead

Design and Technology Subject Lead

Mrs. K Broderick

Assistant Headteacher

PSHE and Science Subject Lead

Year 6 Teacher

Back up Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs. S Seddon


Foundation Stage Teacher

RE Subject Lead


Miss. J Lang

 Year 1 Teacher

History Subject Lead


Mrs. E Salha


Year 2 Teacher

Music Subject Lead

Phonics Lead

Art and Design  Subject Lead

Miss. R Delmar

Year 3 Teacher

P.E Subject Lead

EVC Lead



Mrs.  J Walsh

 Year 3 Teacher

Computing Subject Lead


Mrs. K Maher

 Year 4 Teacher

Geography Subject Lead


Mrs. J Fisher

 Year 5 Teacher

English Subject  Lead


Mrs. J Walsh


Year 4 Teacher 

Computing Subject Lead

Mrs. J Fisher


Year 5 Teacher

English subject lead

Mrs H.Harvey

 Year 6 Teacher

Maths Subject Lead


Mrs K.O Hare


EAL Lead

Able Pupils Lead

Mrs A. Russell

PPA Teacher
Mrs. A Ahmed


Bilingual Teaching Assistant


Mrs. S Khan


Bilingual Teaching Assistant

Family Engagement Worker

Mrs. N Kauser Bilingual Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S Khan Bilingual Teaching Assistant
Mrs. A Nightingale Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L Dean Teaching Assistant
Miss A Crilly Teaching Assistant
Mrs. B Ruth

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. J Strutz Teaching Assistant 
Mr. H Salim Teaching Assistant
Mrs. H Saunders Teaching Assistant/Attendance Support
Mr. D Fisher ICT Technician
 Miss S.Stafford HLTA
Mr. S Smith Site  Supervisor

Mrs. K Jones


Mr. R Cowans

Cleaner / Welfare

Mrs. S Cowans Welfare
Mrs. D Jenkinson Welfare
Mrs. M South Welfare
Mrs. R Begum Welfare
Mrs. S Hussain Welfare

Please note that we have no staff who exceed the £100,000 gross salary.