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Accrington Woodnook Primary School

Religious Education at Woodnook

At Woodnook Primary School Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 'Searching for Meaning-What is it to be human?' (2021). This is an ambitious curriculum and outlines the curriculum intent and methods of implementation that will enable all pupils to achieve well and attain high level outcomes by the end of each key stage. The curriculum is taught from Reception to Y6 and reflects the fact that religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, while taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religious traditions represented in Great Britain. Our Curriculum is 50% Christianity. This along with, Islam, which reflects our school community, and Hindu Dharma are the progressed religions. In addition, the other world religions taught are Judaism, Buddhism and Sikhism, albeit not progressively. All religions, including people of no faith, and their communities are treated with respect and sensitivity.

 We recognise the variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds from which our pupils come. The taught syllabus is not designed to convert pupils, or to promote a particular religion or religious belief. As a school, we maintain that teaching about religions and worldviews should be sufficiently fair, balanced and open. We aim to promote mutual respect and understanding, whilst not undermining or ignoring the role of families and religious or belief organisations in transmitting values to successive generations.

We aim to avoid stereotypes within our teaching of RE. Attempts are made to ensure that examples of religious figures reflect all aspects of diversity within society.

Teachers will refer to the head teacher any questions from parents about withdrawals. Requests for full or partial withdrawal from RE should be made in writing to the head teacher and a record kept of them.