Hudson Street, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 2HS


Accrington Woodnook Primary School

Phonics at Woodnook

The aim of our Phonics curriculum is to provide children with a solid foundation for reading and writing.

At Woodnook, we use Red Rose Letters and Sounds Phonics Scheme for our Phonics teaching and learning. The programme includes planning from Phase 2 to Phase 5 with specific daily sessions and a very rigorous approach to meet, and exceed, expectations based on the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum for Year 1. Red Rose Phonics comprises of a tightly-focused progression from Phases 2 to 5 informed by classroom practice and subject expertise. All phases, but in particular Phase 5, have been more carefully sequenced to provide clarity with an explicit teaching progression. Red Rose Letters and Sounds incorporates frequent opportunities for application and consolidation of reading and writing skills, before introducing new Grapheme Phoneme Correspondences (GPCs).

Help your child at home with phonics: