Hudson Street, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 2HS


Accrington Woodnook Primary School

Parental Questionnaire Results Spring 2024




Would you recommend this school to anyone else?



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“The whole school staff are amazing and are fully aware of my child’s needs.”

“I am very grateful for everything the school does for my child.”

“The school does a great job of engaging with parents and involving parents in the life of the school.”

“Communication with parents is great. The school organises lots of fun activities and trips for the children.”

“The staff are very kind and hardworking.”

“The staff always have time for the pupils and parents.”

“The school does a great job of making everyone feel welcome and creating an environment where the children want to come to school.”

“The school gives the children the chance they need.”

“The school is fantastic!”

“I really like the things the school are doing to encourage good attendance.”

“Woodnook is fantastic in so many ways. Communication is great, the teachers are always happy to talk.”

“The staff are a great team and are all very approachable”.

“The school does a great job in looking after my children.  It is very tidy and clean.”

“The school is very inclusive.”

“The children are happy and they learn well in all areas.”

“The school has a lovely, caring environment.  They provide lots of great opportunities for the children.

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