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Accrington Woodnook Primary School

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Together we are FAIR in all that we do.

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Please click here to see the Intent, Implementation and Impact statements for all subjects. This shows how what we intend for our curriculum, how we implement it and the impact we expect. 



At Woodnook we ensure that English lessons are delivered daily. We motivate our children with engaging activities, which help children to develop their understanding of the structures of different text types.


Talk for Writing

We use the Pie Corbett approach to embed language through learning texts off by heart.  Children use images to help them retell texts, which are then used to help them produce their own texts within the same genre.


Phonic sessions, using Letters and Sounds as a basis, are taught discretely throughout EYFS and Key Stage One each morning for twenty minutes and as an Intervention for children in Key Stage Two requiring support.  During these sessions, children learn to recognise and say phonemes and learn and write graphemes through creative games and activities.  The skills learnt in Phonics are an essential tool to help children to blend and segment words and therefore develop their reading and writing.


At Woodnook Primary School we aim to develop a love of reading. Each day, all children take part in Guided Reading activities.  During this time, children read as part of a group, as individuals and carry out preparation and follow up activities.  These activities aim to develop the children’s decoding and comprehension skills and give the children the opportunity to read a range of text types.  Children are encouraged to take their love of reading home.  Throughout school, we have purchased a wide range of school and home reading books to help enthuse the children to read.  Schemes include: Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat and Songbirds.  We also have access to an e-reading site which allows the children to read books through the use of ICT




The intent of our Mathematics Curriculum at Woodnook is to ensure that our children have access to a high-quality Maths curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable developing enthusiasm in our children. We aim to develop independence and resilience within the children so they will be confident to take risks in their learning while accessing resources and strategies to support them.

We intend to make Maths accessible to all through the Mastery Approach, maximising the potential of every child’s ability and academic achievement. We want children to make connections across mathematical ideas to develop understanding, fluency, reasoning and competence in solving problems. Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) is a highly effective approach to Maths teaching that develops a deep and sustainable understanding of Maths in pupils and, here at Woodnook, we intend for all our pupils to be taught in this way using a range of resources and pictorial representations that are always accessible to them.

We also intend that children will acquire a mathematically rich vocabulary, which will be built on yearly from vocabulary previously used. Maths Talk is at the heart of every lesson allowing the children to work collaboratively to justify, analyse and critique answers and methodology to develop logical thinking.

The Woodnook Maths Curriculum is focussed on number with a balance of statistics, geometry and measurement running alongside. Following the Lancashire Blocks, allows us to maximise the links between different aspects of mathematical thinking and ensures time to revisit and revise learning throughout the year.

Mathematics is taught through daily lessons as well as Number fun sessions for KS1 and LKS2.  Each individual lesson has a clear objective and provide opportunities to develop recall, fluency, reasoning, problem solving and logical thinking. 

Maths Talk - Every lesson provides opportunities for the children to develop and apply their Mathematical vocabulary which is displayed on the Working Wall. 

Time Table Challenge - From Year 1, the children will be tested weekly on times tables appropriate to their age-range. This can be practiced through Times Table Rockstars 

KIRFs - Each half term the children will focus on a Key Instant Recall Fact appropriate to their age-range. At the start of each half term a letter will be sent home/emailed outlining activities parents can do to support them with this learning.  An overview of the KIRFs can be found here

Policies - The teachers follow our own Maths Policies which can be found here 


 Other Subjects


Our children receive two P.E. lessons each week. They develop skills in games, gymnastics, athletics and dance. The school provides a wide range of P.E. equipment. There are also a number of after-school sports clubs for children to attend.




Children have two hour-long Computing lessons in our very well-equipped suite each week. They have access to one computer each and the school uses a range of child-friendly programs and software. The school has  two sets  of IPads for use in the classroom which further enhance children's knowledge and skills in Computing.  



Read about the different topics being taught across the school on the individual class pages. Our topics are cross-curricular and have a focus on developing children's skills across the whole range of curriculum areas.

The subjects below can be taught individually or as part of a topic. 



French is delivered as Woodnook's modern foreign language. Many children at the school already speak more than one language and this creates a rich culture. However learning French together helps children to develop their language skills as well as prepare for secondary school where they will continue to learn the language.  



The school is lucky to have many musical instruments, including keyboards and percussion, with which children can experiment. Lessons are delivered regularly. There is also a weekly singing assembly where the children learn new songs and enjoy making music together.